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emma energies is a business unit of emma technologies



Natural sources and waste reduction

Our lesson learnt from the renewable energy sources act in Germany and further programs supported by the german ministry of education and research and the german ministry of economy led to a waste-to-power initiative within the emma technologies energy program.
The proven HPS - Hydrogen Pyrolyse System is heading into the direction of innovative applications offering different solutions.
Following the global discussions and needs the most important approach amongst others is the PLASTIC-TO-POWER System.
Our goal remains the innovative and successful implementation  of green technologies allowing to increase socio-economic benefits and save the environment.


The global need
Waste-to-energy systems comprise different system set-ups, each individually adjusted to the waste composition.
The main directive driven by the global need for substantial and sustainable solutions is the PLASTIC-TO-POWER SYSTEM.
The only solution today to achieve PLASTIC-TO-POWER is the
HPS – Hydrogen Pyrolyse System. This system is a key  component of an integrated approach, gasifying hydrogen (electrolysis) and carbon (plastic waste) in order to produce methane (CH4). Methane is ideally suited for storage and further power generation by block heat power plants.
For the first time this innovative method generates energy out of waste as shown below.


Brochure "Waste to Energy