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Underwater LED


The UW.L75 is a wide angle (170°) subsea light module rated to full ocean depth (6,000m). It can be integrated into customer applications or together with our underwater video camera.

It provides a dimmable, non-flickering light with up 75W LED power and adjustable color temperature.

The system is configurable via its RS232 interface. Light intensity is also adjustable by an additional analog input signal.

The array of 30 high power LEDs is composed of 20 cool white LEDs and 10 warm white LEDs. Intensity is individually adjustable so that the color temperature can be varied between 3700K and 8300K.

The light is protected against over-temperature and under voltage and rated for continuous operation. In case of overheating (e.g. if not submerged), the output power is automatically reduced.

The system housing is manufactured from titanium with an exchangeable BK7 optical glass port. Supply voltage range is 11V to 40V with a maximum power consumption of 90W


Interface: Configurable via RS232 interface
Digital/Analog line control:to switch the LED light on and to control the intensity
Operating voltage range:11V - 40V , max 90W
Safety:Temperature monitoring and undervoltage protection
Light: Non flickering light, suitable for video applications
Adjustable color temperature:two channels with 8300K and one channel with 3700K color temperature
Safe operation depth:6,000m
Dimensions:Outer diameter  78mm
Outer length     100mm (w/o connector)
Weight (in air)    1kg
Displacement     0.5l
Connector:Subconn MCBH8M (combined power supply and interface connection)



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