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TSK - Deep Water Camera System


Video inspections up to 12.000 m of water depth

emma technologies offers latest technology for offline and/or online stand-alone video inspections or as add-on to multicorer, epibenthic sledges and lander. A convincing optical, telemetric and IT-concept.

Marine snow affects the quality of video inspections tremendously. Our answer is to increase luminosity of the object along with the proper illumination of the area of interest.

Video quality will be increased by easy post processing due to global shutter.
Command and Control is easy to do by simple webbrowser, tablet or smartphone


  • Customer selectable mode for video or single shot
  • USB 3.0 output for data download and camera programming
  • Full HD (1900 x 1200) / 50 fps
  • 1 1/2 Global Shutter CMOS sensor with fast hardware processing
  • 1 x 500 GB SSD hard drive
  • Embedded ITX board, 2,16 GHz or similar
  • Underwater LED lights, high flux density and efficacy
  • 2 x 5.000 lm/ 5700 K
  • Li-Pol Energy Management System
  • emma web-interface for command & control
  • Optional high bandwidth telemetry


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