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ISM 2001

Inductive Current Meter


The ISM-2001 is a small two-component current sensor with analog voltage outputs. It has a wide-spread application spectrum:

  • easy integration into larger probes or measuring platforms
  • current monitoring in cabled installations (short to medium length cable)
  • sampling operations (e.g. combined with a Bluetooth data transfer)

Due to its inductive (or with other words electro-magnetic, EM) working principle the ISM 2001 can be operated near to the bottom or the surface, or to structures. In contrast to acoustic current meters it is not affected by air bubbles or suspended material in the water.

This cost-effective current sensor is mainly used by system integrators, academic institutions, public authorities, and commercial divers.
The standard version ISM-2001C comes with a wet pluggable micro connector whereas the ISM-2001F is for mounting at the flange of a larger probe. Optionally, an integrated two-axis magnetometer is available as a compass for applications where the probes orientation has to be determined.

Technical Data

Measuring range:± 3 m/s (standard)
Accuracy:± (0.5% reading + 0.5% F.S.)
Discus sensor:Ø 85 mm; thickness approx. 30 mm
Shaft:Ø 16 mm; approx. 170 mm long
Electronics case:Ø 40 mm; lengths without connectors:
145 mm (C) / 110 mm (F)
Weight (in air): 1.55 kp (C) / 1.25 kp (F)
Depth:1000 m (deep-sea versions optional)
Current supply:(85+35) mA (current + compass)
@ 12 Vdc ±25% (others available)
Outputs:0 to +5 V (as standard; others available)
Output filter:Low pass 1.O. τ=0,5s (as standard)
Magnetometer: ± 65 µT at approximately 30 mV/µT
(2 orthogonal components 0 to +5 V)






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