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Multiparameter Probe

Series 2001





The Series 2001 comprises smart modular probes for the measurement of various parameters inside the water column:

  • physical parameters like current and pressure (depth, directional waves)
  • electro-chemical parameters (e.g. conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP)
  • optical parameters like turbidity or fluorescence
  • probes orientation (with magnetic compass and inclinometers)

The Series is built around our current sensor ISM but adapts and integrates sensors of leading manufacturers from all over the world. Due to the modularity of the series it's open for application specific extensions of the hard- and firmware.

There are versions for direct reading (cabled) applications as well as for autonomous operations with probes equipped with large memory and battery packages. A firmware option is available for the measurement of directional waves using data fusion from the current and the pressure sensor.


Technical Data

Dimensions of the Electronics cylinder:Ø 90 mm x L 200 mm
optionally longer
Housing materials:sea-water resistant brass
polyoximethylene (POM)
high-grade steel (1.4571)
Deployment depth:1000 m (optionally deeper)
Power supply:external 10 .. 30 Vdc
in-line or external pack 25 C-cells
Memory:256K SRAM, 256K Flash
CompactFlash cards (up to 2 GB)
Clock:hardware (real-time clock)
Communication:ASCII protocol; RS 232, RS 422,
RS 485 full duplex / semi duplex
Sensor interfaces:analog voltage inputs, counting inputs,
serial interfaces, specific interfaces
(e.g. temperature/ conductivity)
isolated channels
Switching outputs:MOSFET


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