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Side Scan Sonar Software

SonarPro®Package from KLEIN MARINE SYSTEMS, INC. is a side scan sonar data collection and processing software package designed by sonar users for sonar users.


SonarPro is a custom-developed comprehensive ease-of-use side scan sonar user interface. Field proven for 40 years, SonarPro is a modular package combining with advanced side scan sonar features. The software package contains the following major modules:

  • Main Program
  • Data Display
  • Navigation Data Recording and Playback
  • Target Management
  • Sensor Display

Multiple Display Windows:
Permits multiple windows to view different features as well as targets in real-time or in playback modes. Multi-Windows for sonar channels, navigation, sensors, status monitors, targets, etc.

Navigation: Permits underlay of electronic charts.

Survey Design:
Quick and easy survey setup with ability to change parameters, design survey routes and grids, set tolerances, responder setup, monitor actual coverage, and store data.

Target Management:
Independent windows permitting mensuration, logging, comparison, filing, classification, positioning, time and survey target layers, and feature enhancements. Locates target in navigation window.

Sensor Window:
Displays all sensors in several formats (including some alarms).

Permits multiple, real-time processing workstations via a LAN including "master and slave" configurations.

Help operators setup various manual and default parameters.

Data Comparison:
Target and route comparisons to historical data.



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