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Ocean Floor Observing System


The emma technologies OFOS-System is designed for habitat mapping.
It comes with high-end electro-optical equipment, depth rated up to 6000 m. The components forming the underwater electro-optical system are most innovative with proven results in underwater applications.
A standard system contains full HD video recording and full HD still camera, LED lights, intelligent energy management system, clever interfaces and data logger to control all cameras and sensors of the system. For size comparison a dual laser system is adapted to the video camera.
Optional sensors such as C, T, D, current, pH, oxygen, etc. are available.

Technical Data

The standard configuration includes:

Energy Management System (Li Power Pack)

Smart charger for Li Power Pack

Data Telemetry (for coaxial cables)

Remote or time controlled operations

Topside unit as rackmount or ruggedised version

Drum capacity for up to 6000 m of fibre optical cable

Electrical AC drive 75 kW

Programmable and speed variable

Automatic level wind system

Prepared for Standard 10" container

Full HD video camera

Optional Full HD Still camera

Pressure Sensor


Current meter

Option: Seperate operator room for winch control


Remote control software


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