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Mobile container with electrical winch


  • Containerised solution for platform of opportunities
  • Customised design for different sizes and cable lengths
  • High-end electrical motor, gear and control system
  • Wireless cable measurement system
  • Easy-to-set-up and operate




Electrical Compulsory winch 3P+N+PE
Winch construction All welded steel with stainless steel hardware
Power supply
Tow cable
400 V / 50 Hz - option 60 Hz
armored coaxial cable Ø 10.3 mm to Ø 17.27 mm
Cable connection on winch According to IEC standard
Ground pin location 180°/ 6h


Asynchronous AC motor with integrated electromagnetic disk brake
Overload capacity of 150-180% of the rated torque during startup
Short time overload of up to 400% of the rated torque
Noise level acc. to IEC/EN 60034-9
Power: 5.5kW to 9.2 kW

Helical-bevel gear unit

High power density
Long service life
96 % gear unit efficiency or better
Multi-stage gear unit for low output speeds

Frequency Inverter

Remote Control

In control container rack for deck use
Option: in wheelhouse for remote use

Cable guide system Spooler over a cross-wind threaded spindel 
Cable counter system contact free wireless counter
Lifting points for transport points for crane lifting
Fixation 4 fixations for mounting on deck



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