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The emma Mapping System

Mapping Equipment

Single Beam Side Scan Sonar Systems:
System 4900
Dual, Simultaneous  Frequencies 455/900 kHz
300 m depth ratng
System 3000/3000H
Dual Frequency 100/500 kHz (System 3000)
Dual Frequency 445/900 kHz (System 3000H)
500 m depth rating (System 3000)
200 m depth rating (System 3000H)
System 4000
Dual, Simultaneous Frequencies 100/400 kHz
2000 m depth rating
System D3500TF
Dual, Simultaneous Frequencies 100/400 kHz
3000 m depth rating
Multi Beam Side Scan Sonar Systems:
System 5000 V2
Operational Frequency 455 kHz
500 m depth rating
MCM mission support
For small open boat
and port & harbor applicatons
System 5900
Operational Frequency 600 kHz
750 m depth rating
MCM mission support
Shallow Water Bathymetry:
Hydrochart 3500
Operational Frequency 455 kHz
150 m depth rating
Turnkey solution with motion reference unit,
heading sensor and sound velocity sensor
Hydrochart 5000
Operational Frequency 455 kHz
Frequency modulated (FM)
chirp processing for both
bathymetry and side scan
AUV/UUV Sonar Payloads
AUV/UUV 3500
Dual Frequency 455/900 kHz
For AUV/UUV/ROV operations
AUV/UUV 5000 V2
Single Frequency 455 kHz
For AUV operations
Footprint: 610 x 680 mm
Capacity: up to 900 m
Footprint: 1200 x 800 mm
Capacity: up to 3600 m
eWinch.Container for
mounted in customer configurable container

Seawater resistant aluminium hull
Compact lightweight design
Large payload capacity, up to 75 kg
Endurance up to 4 hours

Multipurpose Boat MB8M

Robust and seawater resistant aluminium hull
Length up to 10 m
Transport Two-axle trailer licensed for road use

eROCC Field PC
Ruggedized PC for harsh environments
Tripod mount option
Bluetooth cable length measurement read-in
SonarPro software

Tow Cable
Various cable types according to system requirements
Cable termination at wet end

AUV/UUV Payload Package integration

System specification

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